In August 2024, the NPLEX will be administered at the following test sites:

Eastern Test Sites (IL, ON, PR):

Western Test Sites (AZ, BC, CA, OR, WA):

There are different exam schedules for the Eastern and Western test sites. Be sure you follow the correct exam schedule for the specific test site you have selected.

Download the Exam Schedules

There are different exam schedules for the Eastern and Western test sites. Be sure you follow the correct schedule for the specific test site you have selected.

You will be admitted to the testing room only if you have been approved to take the examination(s) and you have:

  • A printed copy of your Admission Ticket
  • One piece of current photo ID*

*The first and last names on your photo ID must exactly match the first and last names on your Admission Ticket. Because you are not required to include your middle name on the application, it will not appear on your Admission Ticket.

Keep your Admission Ticket and photo ID with you at all times during the testing period. You will need to refer to your Admission Ticket when filling in the ID information on every answer sheet you complete.

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Because the NPLEX is administered in public facilities, NABNE must comply with the policies of sponsoring institutions, many of which ban the use of scented personal products.

NABNE has adopted a fragrance-free policy at all test sites. Due to chemical sensitivities of other examinees and testing personnel, we ask that you refrain from using fragrances (e.g., essential oils, perfume, after-shave, and cologne) or strongly scented personal products (e.g., powder, hair spray, deodorant, etc.) during the days of the examination(s). If you use noticeably scented products, the proctor may refuse to admit you to the testing room.

Before you leave home to go to the test site, be sure you have your current government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, government-issued ID card, or passport), and a printed copy of your Admission Ticket. Leave ALL valuables at home. All other personal belongings you bring to the test site are to be left in the designated area outside of the testing room. NABNE is not responsible for any theft/damage that occurs during that time.

You are expected to be at the test site and ready to check in at the BEGINNING of the Admission and Seating time indicated on the exam schedule. This will give you time to check in, be seated, and hear instructions before the testing period is scheduled to begin. If you arrive after the Admission and Seating time indicated on the exam schedule, you may not be admitted to take the current or subsequent section of the examination, your results from a section you took earlier in the current administration will be nullified, and you will be subject to NABNE’s refund policy.




The Part I – Biomedical Science Examination will be administered in two sections, according to the Part I – Biomedical Science Exam Schedules. You will be allowed 2½ hours (150 minutes) to complete each 100-item section.

The Part II – Clinical Science Examination will be administered in three sections, according to the Part II – Clinical Science Exam Schedules. You will be allowed 3½ hours (210 minutes) to complete 135 items in each section of the Part II – Core Clinical Science Examination and 1½ hours (90 minutes) to complete 75 items in the Part II – Clinical Elective Examinations (Acupuncture, Pharmacology, Minor Surgery, and/or Parenteral Medicine).

Before the testing period begins, you will receive an answer sheet and exam booklet, and will be given instructions by the proctor. You must not open the exam booklet until you are instructed by the proctor to do so.

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After the testing period begins, the proctor will write the beginning time and the ending time on the white board. In addition, the proctor will verbally announce when there are 60, 30, 15, 5, and 1 minute(s) remaining in the testing period. If you choose to wear earplugs, it is your responsibility to track the time remaining in the testing period. Pay attention to the announcements and manage your time accordingly, as you will not be allowed to transfer answers from the test booklet to your answer sheet after the proctor has announced the end of the testing period.

During the testing period, you will be permitted to leave the room only if you are accompanied by a proctor. Before you leave the room for any reason, you will be required to turn in all exam materials to a proctor. It is important to remember that you will not be given extra time to make up for time lost due to breaks that you take during the testing period.

When you complete your answer sheet, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Use only the pencil provided by NABNE.
  • Complete all personal identification sections of the answer sheet using information EXACTLY as it appears on your Admission Ticket. Completing this information correctly and consistently on every answer sheet will ensure that your results are attributed to you.
  • Fill in the bubbles darkly and completely. A mark that is too light or fills only part of the bubble could be interpreted by the optical mark reader as unanswered, and you might not be given credit for your intended answer.
  • Record ALL your answers on the answer sheet. You are allowed to write in your exam booklet, but you will be given credit for only those answers you have recorded on your answer sheet.
  • Make sure you have marked your answer for each question on the correct line of your answer sheet. For example, marking your answer for item #4 in a bubble on the line designated for item #5 will cause all your remaining answers will be marked on the incorrect line.
  • Erase all stray marks or smudges on your answer sheet.
  • Do not fold or bend the answer sheet.

Some of the questions will be very challenging.  You do not need to answer every question correctly to pass. While you should have no trouble completing the entire examination in the time allotted, some exam questions will require more time to answer than others, and spending too much time on one question may cause you to feel pressured to speed through the rest.  When you encounter a question for which you do not know the answer with certainty, try to eliminate some of the responses.  If, after eliminating one or two of the response alternatives, the correct answer is still not apparent, mark your best guess from among the remaining choices and return to the item later if time allows.  It is in your best interest to answer every question, even if it is a guess, because any question on the answer sheet you leave blank will be marked as incorrect.

At the end of the testing period, you will be instructed to close your exam booklet and put down your pencil. After the proctor has announced the end of the testing period, you will not be permitted to mark additional responses on your answer sheet.

After you have completed the examination, you will be allowed to leave the room when the proctor has verified that you have turned in your answer sheet and exam booklet, and have signed and dated the Affirmation of Compliance.

Download the Examinee Handbook!

The handbooks have the most up-to-date schedules, policies, and examination procedures. The handbook is updated for the current NPLEX administration.


After the examinations have been administered, NPLEX follows an extensive post-test process to ensure that the items on which the examinee’s results are based are fair, valid, and reliable, and that cut scores have been set to appropriately discriminate between the examinees who have met the criteria and those who have not. The post-test analysis (PTA) process involves the NPLEX staff psychometrician, psychometric consultants, ND staff, biomedical and clinical exam chairs, the NPLEX Board, and other ND volunteers.

Due to this comprehensive effort, it takes several weeks to complete the Scoring Process.