NPLEX exam results are the property of the examinee. NABNE serves as an unbiased repository of those results. Your NPLEX exam results will be released to the single regulatory authority that you have designated on your transcript request or NPLEX Part II application, or to other parties only with your written permission. To avoid possible misinterpretation and to protect your privacy, exam results will not be reported by phone, fax, or email.

You can submit your request to have an official transcript of your NPLEX results sent to a regulatory authority or another party by completing the Transcript Request form and submitting a fee of $30. To have an unofficial transcript sent directly to you, you will need to make that indication on the Transcript Request form and include the mailing address to which your transcript should be sent.

The transcript NABNE sends will include all NPLEX results on record for you on the date your request is submitted. If you have applied to take the NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examination(s) and would like to have your NPLEX results sent to an additional regulatory authority, we suggest that you wait until your results from the current NPLEX administration become available to submit a transcript request. This way, the transcript NABNE sends will include ALL of your NPLEX results.

Transcript requests are typically processed by NABNE and mailed within three to five (3-5) business days of receipt.